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Automating the document management of companies is an essential step in any digital transformation plan. A good document management program must be able to simplify to the maximum the administrative tasks related to the documentation of the company.

Main reasons why these solutions can help improve the development of companies:

Security: the document manage system ensures the confidentiality of documents and restricts access to authorized employees.

Cost reduction: saving time allows you to free up resources to attend to other tasks with greater added value.

Simultaneous collaboration: documentation can be generated and edited by several users at the same time. Cooperation between departments and / or employees is faster and safer.

Quick retrieval of documents: accessing is fast and secure, speeding up any procedure.

Remote and centralized access: digital tools allow access to documentation from anywhere.

Duplicate prevention: the system avoids incorporating duplicate documents that can cause confusion.

It is a cloud based solution that allows managing and securing all documents of daily use within the company. It complies with the regulations of good manufacturing practices, 21 CFR part 11. Has ISO 9001 Certification for Quality Management Systems, and Information Security Management System certification under the ISO 27001 standard.

Cut time for the development, review and approval of documents. It is a highly adaptable solution depending on each need. Also, Verifarma DMS can be hired by user,  its pricing is suitable for any kind of company regardless of size or volume of operations.

Main functionalities :

  • Simultaneous edition.
  • Cloud document storage up to 1 TB per user.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office 365 and Hancom Office (without license).
  • Control unlimited versions for each document.
  • Documents download.

In its security aspects:

  • Solve problems with the security and confidentiality of information within the company.
  • Granular auditing and security by profile.
  • Controlled copies, digital signature, watermark.
  • Notification system: each user receives daily news in their inbox.
  • Segment-to-segment SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.

It stands out for its flexibility in:

  • Implementation (includes project management and migration of historical documents), software update and maintenance.
  • Staff training and technical support provided by Verifarma.
  • It integrates with other management systems present in your company.
  • Supports up to 35 different document formats.
  • Active Directory integration.
  • Cloud infrastructure hosted on European servers.