Since its beginnings in 2007, the purpose of Verifarma has been to accompany companies in their technological challenges to be able to fulfill in time and form with regulations and dispositions, as well as achieving competitiveness in a market increasingly marked by the need to evolve quickly.

Along with more than 13 years old, the company has increased its capacities and diversified its leases to be able to serve new markets. Today, from its operation centers in Argentina, Brazil, Spain and the most recent Ecuador, added to its partners in France, Spain, England, Poland and Russia, it can serve any country in the world.

Currently Verifarma delivers services to Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Paraguay, Mexico, Ecuador, Ireland, Norway, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Spain, Rusia, Israel, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Tunisia, United Kingdom, Italy and Rumania. With its offer catering to different industries: pharmaceutical, agrochemical, veterinary, cosmetic and with the disposition to do it in all those that need to comply with the regulations according to the time and efficiently.

Santiago Spector, CEO of Verifarma, comments: “Thanks to our experience we have learned from different cultures and ways of doing things, and relating efficiently to the regulatory authorities in each of the countries where we operate. This experience and the strength of our company are the ones that each time open us up to new markets because of the trust that companies in new countries place on us given our commitment and references. The evolution of our brand seeks to accompany our present and project us to the future. Our new identity design defines our purpose: to accompany companies in their continuous digital evolution to ensure quality and protect the brand from the origin of the product until it has been consumed, protecting the safety of patients and consumers. We seek to do it through simple, solid and efficient solutions. We are proud of this evolution, grateful to our safe and secure clients from each country that we are able to continue representing a strategic partner for them to support them in their solid, and efficient challenges”.

In the last year, Verifarma summed up clients in Russia and was recognized by the regulatory authority of that country as a provider of traceability. Additionally, it opened offices in Quito, Ecuador. The evolution of its corporate identity seeks to accompany this expansion and its future projects.