Evaluation of the proposal:

First, the most important thing to consider is how the future supplier presents its formal proposal to those responsible in your company.

It is essential that instead of offering the already ‘canned’ service, the bidder demonstrates that he understands the needs that our company wishes to cover.

Considering this, the presentation must be personalized in terms of:

  • The type of product that is produced.
  • Production volume.
  • The processes and times that production demands.
  • The hardware, devices and facilities that are available.
  • The estimated time to implement the solution.

The costs

All these factors must be specifics in the pre-hiring stages. The supplier must include all the variants that arise from these costs in its quotation to be as clear as possible.

In this way, having several supplier options will make it easier to conclude which of the propositions is the most convenient for the company in short and long term.


It is a non-negotiable to maintain a permanent operation in our company, the slightest interruption in the production process can generate days of delay in the market entry of our products.

When incidents occur, we need a team of professionals close by, who understand our business and processes and can provide us with a quick and accurate response.

That is why we need the technical support offered by our serialization providers to be:

  • Local
  • In the user language
  • With a wide hourly coverage
  • With trained technicians
  • With high efficiency in detecting and solving problems

Verification of references and success evidence

The due investigation of the future supplier is a must: to find out about different clients and success stories carried out by the bidder. This will help you make a fact-based decision: you will have the opportunity to meet people with challenges and goals like yours, and to see what their experience is with the provider’s technology based on the points in the previous section.

In conclusion

Remember that before hiring your serialization and aggregation provider, it is advisable to ensure each of the sections detailed above. At the same time, if during the management your trust is violated and certain criteria do not match what was promised, do not hesitate to revoke the contract and look for a new alternative as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that the migration process from one service provider to a new one is a measured and standardized procedure, which will not take a long time or cost. On several times it is the best alternative  when efficiency and sustainability are lost in the area.