Verifarma has almost 10 years of experience in traceability and more than 13 years of history. At present it offers services to more than 2,000 customers in 23 countries. Nowadays, the Company, from its operation centers in Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Ecuador, together with its partners in France, Spain, England, Poland and Russia, may serve any country in the world. This growth in recent years has only strengthened its focus and continues to stand out for its level of customer service to provide efficient service, and build value and long-term relationships with each of them.

We talked with Martín Lejman, who is a Developer in Verifarma for the past two years now and at present offers functional service to customers in Russia.

How did the idea of implementing a monitoring tool come out?

Verifarma has customers of different sizes and characteristics. Our customer service receives consultations of each of them under the performance of the SLAs.
One of our customers is seated in Russia. In said country, the traceability law was implemented in January 2020 and the companies affected by it implemented their solutions to be able to comply in due time and proper manner. However, changes are appearing in the regulation from time to time. Verifarma is directly connected with the CRPT, the regulatory authority of said country and hence, we receive notices on said changes that imply adapting the solution Verifarma Track & Trace to keep performance. In general, the entity offers a limited period of time for adaptation and that is the reason why we should act swiftly. In this sense, the development and testing teams act in group to be able to achieve efficiency in the final result. Hence, due to this constant development and testing situation, incidents are reported, in the face of which we must be careful to solve them. Joined to this situation, as a result of the size of the company there are usually more than 100 active users in Verifarma Track & Trace. That is the reason why we look for a tool that could allow us to get ahead of any service failure or error and correct it almost before achieving an impact in the customer, and thus keep the service level.

What did the project involve?

After proposing the initiative, we looked for a provider that could respond to this need and report any incident in real time, so as to avoid bottle necks in its requirements, staying ahead of a possible situation. That’s how we learned about Inspector, a supervision of code execution tool for backend applications. The function of the tool is to automatically give visibility to all the processes executed in the application, what helps us to discover errors before they are detected or have an impact in the operation. The tool sends alerts to be able to detect errors and solve them proactively.

Even though at first the tool did not integrate with our infrastructure, we contacted the Inspector team and jointly, we achieved integration to be able to operate and move on with the implementation.

How does the project impact in the customer?

The main purpose was to achieve full visibility in real time on how the solution is working and at the same time how are each of the users interacting with it. Through the system of alerts, the tool allows us to detect failures, avoid performance problems and make better decisions vis-a-vis the incidents. Hence, we may ensure the customer that the terms will be complied with, regardless of the changes and developments that we should make. This proves to be transparent for the customer, they continue operating in the same manner. The difference lies in the fact that, in view of this particular situation, we could adapt ourselves to shorten the failures search time and be able to solve incidents inclusive before they are detected by the users.

In Verifarma we work side by side with each customer to be able to offer solutions according to their specific needs. Our experience throughout the world allows us to plan ahead, inclusive as regards said needs, offering references and experience to carry out a long-time efficient service both, for the compliance with the regulations, and as regards costs and performance.